It was May 2009 and I was about to finish my freshman year of college. Even though finals were approaching, I guess I still had time for TV because I opened my laptop and searched for The Office on Netflix. 

In 2005, I had seen a brief clip of the Basketball episode, and I didn’t care for it, but a friend had recently recommended the show, so I decided to give it another shot. 

The latest episode was called Cafe Disco. I decided to start with this episode rather than the pilot because it sounded fun and innocent. It turns out, it was.  

8 Reasons Why Cafe Disco is a Great Episode

1. Michael’s Funny Dance Moves 

One of the first scenes includes some comical dance moves by Steve Carrel in what used to be the office of the Michael Scott Paper Company. Of course, I hadn’t watched the Booze Cruise episode, yet, so I hadn’t seen some of his most iconic dance moves.

2. Michael’s Desire to be Friends with his Employees 

My impression of Michael based on the two-minute clip I saw of him insulting Phyllis in the Basketball episode was that he was a jerk. I didn’t expect to like Michael, but the scene in Cafe Disco where he asks his employees if anybody wants to eat lunch with him changed my mind.  

I saw the other side of Michael – the side that, deep down, loves his employees despite what comes out of his mouth.

3. An Awesome Robot Impression 

This is the last Michael Scott one, I promise. Michael’s impression of an “office drone” is one of my favorite types of humor – someone just being a goofball. 

I’m not going to lie – I was always one of the best audiences for class clowns. While most people were annoyed by them, I was Miss Giggle. Somehow, my teachers still loved me even though I frequently encouraged bad behavior.

4. Jim and Pam Deciding to get Married ASAP 

I’ve watched The Office so many times that the Jim and Pam romance no longer does anything for me, but at the time, it gave me butterflies. I especially liked how Jim loved Pam so much that he didn’t drag his feet during the engagement phase – he wanted to marry her right away. 

5. Kevin Enticed by a Cookie 

When Michael wants Kevin Malone to continue to hang out with him, he entices him with an imaginary cookie. Kevin has to decide whether to listen to Angela and go back to work or stay and possibly get a cookie. He decides to stay and see if the cookie is real. 

This made me laugh because it’s so true of human nature that food is a great motivator. In fact, Michael uses this motivator frequently throughout the series. In a later episode, Michael tries to encourage participation in a murder mystery game by using food. 

“There will be food,” says Michael. “You leave, you do not get food.” 

“What kind of food?” asks Stanely. 

“Sandwich platters.” 

“I’m in.”  

Angela starts to leave. 

“Baby carrots,” adds Michael. 

Angela sits back down. 

6. Dwight’s “History” Lesson About Back Injuries 

When Phyllis Vance injures her back while dancing, Dwight Schrute comes to the rescue, but first he must lay down the facts about back injuries. Dwight’s emotionless, matter-of-fact way of approaching problems would soon become, hands down, my favorite aspect of the show. 

7. Tons of Dancing

The first real dance scene in this episode is a partner dance featuring Erin and Michael. Naturally, I loved this because I had just started swing dance lessons. In fact, I liked the general sprit of music overall, so I enjoyed how much dancing there was throughout the episode.  

Even Angela, who does not like the general spirit of music, moves her foot to the beat as she waits for Michael to sign more forms. 

8. Kevin’s Adorable Girlfriend 

While we don’t learn much about Lynn, she does appear to be very sweet, shy and compassionate. In this episode Lynn and Kevin are dancing together (and making out). It’s a shame they don’t stay together. 

More Than a Filler Episode 

While some people hate on “filler” episodes that don’t really advance any of the storylines, I actually enjoy them. They’re a nice break from the drama, and a great way to jump into a new series without feeling lost. 

What was your first episode, and why did it get you hooked? Tell us about the beginning of your Office journey by commenting below.

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